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Bellwether Forest Products. 902 likes. Bellwether Forest Products is the premier logger of high quality timberland in the Columbia, SC area.


New & Used Forestry and Logging Equipment For Sale Feller Bunchers, Processor / Harvesters, Delimbers, Skidders, Yarders, Forwarders, Log Loaders, Mulchers.

John Takes On Tough Terrain With New 953ML Shovel

 · John announces the new 953ML Shovel Logger, providing a purpose-built solution for loggers operating in wetland and swamp conditions. The 953ML is equipped to help loggers outmaneuver the muck, tackling challenging job sites with its powerful live heel boom, durable track system and comfort-boosting operator station.

Pretenice fellerbuncher found a soft spot

Dec 17,

 · The new John 953ML shovel logger provides a purpose-built solution for loggers operating in wetland and swamp conditions. The 953ML is equipped to help loggers outmaneuver muck, tackling challenging job sites with its powerful live heel boom, ….


Shovel loggers have been used for extraction in the Pacific Northwest (Andersson and Jukes , McNeel and Andemon ) to extract wood short distances to roadside. Typically, tree-length stems or logs are picked up, swung 180" toward the deck or roadside, perpendicular to the direction of travel of the shovel.In effect, the wood is.

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Whether on a steep-slope or in a swamp, John Shovel Loggers offer configurations to tackle your challenging conditions. The 953ML Shovel Logger is equipped to help you maneuver the muck of swamps or wetlands, tacking challenging job sites with its powerful live heel, durable track system and comfort-boosting operator station. If your jobsite has you facing an uphill battle, the 959ML.


 · 1) Leota: (Jonesville Rd., ½ mile north of Muskegon Rd.) Leota was a major logging town on the Muskegon River. Loggers brought their logs to the river where they were floated downstream to sawmills. I could not find the marker in the area, which is now an ORV trail parking lot. In the lumbering era, the site was reportedly used as a railway.


Swamp Preservation. Instead of going through the swamp and pulling cut wood out, we use a feller-buncher to lay cut trees down creating a "shovel road." This is driven on, then pulled up. It reduces land disturbance and improves regeneration time.

Tigercat C640 clambunk skidder and S860C shovel logger on

A Tigercat S860C shovel logger loading a C640 clambunk skidder in a Georgia swamp logging application.

Swamp loggers, nothern edition?

 · That is awesome. I love watching Swamp Loggers and seeing all the equipment they use to get the jobs done. - nate. C. curtisfarmer LawnSite Senior Member. Location Southern, NH. ... Also will start shaking out with our shovel and new to us rock truck hauling the stumps off the field to the stick piles left from the logging process.

A Film Documents South Louisiana's Logging Industry, ca

 · The movie shows lumberjacks in pirogues (small flat-bottomed boats) cutting down ancient cypress trees in or around the Atchafalaya Basin; a pull boat drawing the logs onto a canal using a chain and windlass; a dredge boat armed with a steam shovel extending the logging canals into a cypress swamp; a locomotive pulling flatcars of logs to the mill; a "towboat" (actually the full-fledged.

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Unlike traditional logging practices, the shovel method of logging used by ATL involves the creation of a mat of cut timber which becomes the "road" by which the loggers can access trees and transport them out of the forest. This produces significantly less ground disturbance and trees regenerate in just a few years. ... SWAMP LOGGERS, our.


ABSTRACT: Shovel logging was recognized as an effective logging system on gentle slopes of the Pacific Northwest in the mid 's. The high productivity and small crew size have made shovel logging a very cost effective system relative to other systems, ground-based and cable. Shovel logging, properly managed, causes little soil.


The 953ML Shovel Logger is designed specifically to handle steep slopes, swamp logging and other challenging conditions. Large operator cab includes upward viewing skylight and downward viewing window for awareness of challenging terrain.

John 953ML Shovel Logger

Factory equipped with a live-heel swamp-logger boom with up to 60-inch grapple capacity, the 953ML is purpose-built for the shovel-logging work you do. Visibility Spacious climate-controlled cab features expansive jobsite visibility, ergonomic controls, and standard fully adjustable air-ride seat.

Harvesting Timber Using the Shovel

Focus Series on Bottomland Swamp Forests December #BF-4 Harvesting Timber Using the Shovel-Mat Logging Method The Issue Harvesting timber in bottomlands, swamps and other low-lying areas usually requires specialized logging equipment and methods. The most frequently-used method is known as 'shovel logging', also called 'mat.

A Limited Rapid Assessment of Forest Regeneration in 24

 · ages between 2 and 14 years. These tracts were all clearcut harvested, using the shovel logging method, and ranged from 2 to 383 ha in deepwater swamp clearcut area. No seed trees, other than in streamside management zones (where applicable), were ….

Shovel Thinning Explained

 · Discussing shovel logging/shovel thinning, explaining our techniques and watching the 748L work on the mats.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "John Skidder.

Swamp Loggers & Goodson's All Terrain Logging Inc

Their team of swamp loggers bring nature's bounty in the form of tupelo, black gum, ash, and cypress out of North Carolina's rich swamp forests. In their ommitment to being the best, they have led to a specialized form of extraction called "shovel logging", the most environmentally sensitive and effective means of harvesting trees.

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 · Swamp Loggers Pictures and Photo Galleries with: Mike Rowe, Justin Peed, Craig Piligian, Edward Barbini, T. Plucinski.

Tigercat clambunk skidder and logger

Tigercat C640E clambunk skidder working with S860C shovel logger on log mats in a swamp logging operation. Massive drags delivered to 250D loader.

Swamp Loggers

Swamp Loggers. Fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson and his rugged crew of men battle the dangerous swamp to harvest valuable timber and haul it to the mill just to survive. ... In Bobby started his own company, but he didn't start working the swamps with a shovel until . Now, he proudly employs 17 people full time and, along with.