EXCAVATOR OPERATION TWO PATTERN SELECTION SYSTEM(TPSS) To avoid personal injury: A Study control lever pattern A and pattern B. Then choose the one which is most familiar. A Position the pattern selector lever (located on the right side of operator's seat) in either the lower position (Pattern A) or the upper position (Pattern B).

How to Change the Control Pattern on a John Excavator

Luckily, switching the control pattern on a John excavator is quick and easy to do. When using ISO controls (excavator controls or John controls), the right-hand controls the stick and bucket motions; the left-hand controls the swing and the boom. SAE controls (backhoe controls or controls) are the opposite.

Large Excavators

Their power, speed, and fuel efficiency make ® large excavators the right machine for bulk excavation applications. With powerful, yet efficient engines, advanced hydraulic systems, factory equipped technology, and matching attachments, these machines will help you complete your large-scale projects on time and within budget.

How to Choose the Right Excavator for Your Job

 · Begin with reviewing the size and type of excavators. Remember that categories are general and specifications may differ by manufacturer, so get your mind set on a size —such as 5 tons —instead of a "mini." Consider the following top types of excavators: Mini or compact. These small excavators are typically the most mobile.

What Is an Excavator?

 · The operator controls the action of the boom, arm and bucket through two joysticks. Excavators are designed to handle many different types of jobs; so, they come in a range of sizes. According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, there are three main categories: Standard excavators weigh between 22,046 and 200,000-plus pounds. They.

Hydraulic Thumb Guide

With an AMI Attachments Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to complete material handling. A Hydraulic Thumb makes it easier to pick, hold and move awkward material such as rocks, concrete, branches, and debris that does not fit into the bucket. AMI Attachments offer two types of Hydraulic thumbs, the stick pivot and Pro-Link.


No matter what type of work you do - excavation, trenching, or truck loading - ® excavators deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency. Simple operation, outstanding durability and the latest safety and technology features will help you take your business to the next level.

How to Choose the Right Excavator Grade Control System for

 · You can choose between two grade control systems—2D or 3D—depending on the type of work that you're doing. Two-dimensional grade control systems allow your excavator operator to work off a single plane—whether it be flat, ….

Safe work method statement operate excavator

Control measures as per the hierarchy of controls shall be developed and implemented where additional hazards are generated as a result of workers undertaking the operation of an excavator. Electrical Plumbing Group shall ensure hazards generated as a result of operating an excavator are identified with the hazard controlled.

Guide to the Different Types and Sizes of Excavators

 · Backhoe excavators are another nearly ubiquitous piece of equipment in construction, landscaping and mining. Often confused with standard excavators, backhoe excavators are backhoe loaders with an excavator boom attachment on the back of the machine. On the front of the backhoe is a large bucket or blade used to push, level and move soil and other materials.

Trenching and Excavation

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data show that 271 workers died in trenching or excavation cave-ins from through . A review of multiple national databases by NIOSH researchers found that trenching and excavation hazards during construction activities resulted in 488 deaths between and - an average of 54 fatalities each year.

Excavators Purchasing Guide

Controls There are two main types of excavator controls. One is specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and the other is by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The two controls are very similar with the biggest difference being that the controls for the boom arm and dipper arm are reversed.

Excavator controls ISO or SAE

 · Hi, my choice is SAE.....because I learned on excavator with SAE controls...and a friend told me, just think when your pulling back on the 2 sticks, you are loading the bucket, easy as eating your mommas homemade apple pie.

John D

Go from backhoe- to excavator

1. Conduct walk-around check of backhoe or excavator. 2. Mount backhoe or excavator, and check cab and controls. 3. Start backhoe or excavator, and complete pre-shift inspection. 4. General operation of backhoe or excavator. 5. Park backhoe or excavator. 6. Refuel backhoe or excavator. 7. Perform repairs and maintenance on backhoe or excavator.

How to Operate a Mini Excavator (with Pictures)

 · Mini excavators were considered toys by heavy equipment operators a few decades ago when they were first introduced, but they have earned the respect of construction utility contractors and site work ….

6 Different Excavator Types & Their Uses

 · There are many types of excavators — smaller machines handle digging and drilling functions, while larger excavators have different tools for heavy-duty projects. When renting your excavator, you'll want to consider its size and speed as well as the working conditions, such as the amount of space and the soil types.

Instruments and controls

 · This video describes the most important instruments, pedals and controls of the Crawler Excavator. The control levers and their buttons, the left and r.

Use of excavator in construction

 · An excavator is a construction vehicle used to excavate or move large objects. An Excavator is basically made up of 2 parts: a driving base associated a powerful boom arm with an attachment designed for excavating. The operator sits within a small cab connected to the base and controls the arm. The excavator uses a Hydraulic system to generate a Hydraulic force to control ….

Excavator Control Patterns // Ep. 150

 · In this episode, we cover what the differences are between the ISO () and SAE (John ) controls on our excavator. Have a question/comment? Lea.

A Contractor's Guide to Backhoe

 · Advancements in backhoe loader controls have increased the options available. But to make the best choice, you first must understand what is available and the advantages and drawbacks of ….

The Mini Excavator: Everything You Need To Know

 · The mini excavator and standard excavator both have a time and place for best use. This means that the mini excavator can be better suited for certain jobs over a standard excavator. It is always important to choose an equipment type based off ….

EXCAVATOR Hydraulic excavator how it works: Construction

 · Excavator types. Types of excavators in construction: There are several types of excavators for construction. Here we will know what each of them is used for. Compact excavator. Compact Excavator: It is one of the most used for its performance that helps reduce work times. It serves for work in small streets, forests, fields, and gardens.