Earthwork excavation by using Machines

 · Earth Work Excavation by Mechanical means Earth work by mechanical means involves careful planning keeping in view site conditions i.e. type of soil, nature of excavation, distances through which excavated soil is to be transported and working space available for employing these machines. The earth moving equipment should be accordingly selected.

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) on Tunnel Engineering 01. Which of the following lining material is useful for shield driven tunnels in sub aqueous regions? (A) Stone masonry (B) Timber (C) Cast iron (D) Cement concrete Answer: Option C 02. Drift method of tunnelling is used to construct tunnels in (A) Soft grounds (B) Rock (C) Self supporting grounds (D) Broken grounds Answer.

Architectural Hatch Patterns

 · Material hatches were traditionally drawn by hand so it was important that each drafter was consistent in how they drew the hatch symbols. However, as we have transitioned to computer design software like AutoCAD and Revit, designers can simply select the hatch from a library and make modifications to the scale, angle, or fill region.

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D. Personal Protective Equipment 9. On the multi-colored chemical label, White represents A. Fire Hazard B. Health Hazard C. Reactivity Hazard D. Special Hazards 10. On the multi-colored chemical label, Yellow represents A. Fire Hazard B. Health Hazard C. Reactivity Hazard D. Personal Protective Equipment 11. Flammable chemicals are stored.

The Basics of Embankment Construction

 · The compacting equipment must have at least three wheels and should be able to create an even, smooth surface. Existing clods and lumps are treated or disked using mechanical techniques to ensure they are broken up. The required compaction should be obtained for the loose depth of each lift, never exceeding 8 inches.


(b) Earthwork rolled and watered (light rolling, I.e. by non- powered rollers/ hand ramming). 10.00 11.00 (c) Earthwork rolled and not watered (light rolling i.e. by non- powered rollers/hand ramming). 15.00 18.00 (d) Earthwork neither rolled nor watered. 20.00 25.00 (e) Earthwork neither rolled nor watered in case of clayey soils like Kankar soil.



We prepared the most frequently asked Instrumentation and Control Engineering Questions and Answers for your exam or interview preparation.. Instrumentation and Control Questions. 1 - What is the purpose of the balance line in a centrifugal compressor?.

Types of Concrete Construction Equipment

Concrete construction equipment is very important for the construction companies. With good quality concrete construction equipment, a construction company can get quality construction work done in lesser amount of time.It can therefore cut down on its labor costs and increase profits by giving the quality construction services to its clients in a faster way.

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 · EHS Questions & answers 1. C O N T E N T S Title Questions Page Introduction 2 Accidents 48 3 Agriculture 23 10 Chemicals 83 13 Cleanliness/Hygiene 23 26 Compressed Air & Gases 37 30 Construction 80 35 Electrical 85 48 Employment 7 61 Ergonomics and Human Factors 17 62 Fire/Emergency Planning 120 65 First Aid 78 83 Flammable Liquids 19 94 General 82 97 Good ….

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 · Equipment for compaction, batching, mixing and concreting

CE - SYLLABUS UNIT I CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES. Structural systems — Load Bearing Structure — Framed Structure — Load transfer mechanism — floor system — Development of construction techniques — High rise Building Technology — Seismic effect — Environmental impact of materials — responsible sourcing — Eco Building (Green Building) — Material used — Construction.

Earthwork, Concrete & R.C.C. Work Questions and Answers

This set of Civil Engineering Drawing Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on "Earthwork, Concrete and R.C.C. work". 1. _____ are engineering works created through the processing of parts of the earth's surface involving quantities of soil or unformed rock.

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Property Plant and Equipment MCQs Which of the following is not an appropriate basis for measuring the cost of property, plant, and equipment? The purchase price, freight costs, and installation costs of a productive asset should be included in the asset's cost.


5-12-37.Specification for earthwork for road in embankment 5-12-38.Specification for lightening conductor 5-12-39.Specification for cast iron pipes 5-12-40.Specification for supplying and fixing Indian type W.C. with foot rest 5-12-41.Specification for providing and fixing European type W.C.

Surveying Fundamentals and Practices

Lab 3

Fig: Earthwork in Excavation by using hydraulic Excavator. Setting out or ground tracing is the process of laying down the excavation lines and center lines etc. on the ground before the excavation is started. The centerline of the longest outer wall of the building is marked on the ground by stretching a string between wooden or mild steel pegs.

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compute the total earthwork volume use (cut - fill) 3 33 $2.50 $2.50 Onsite 411 ( 127) yd. yd. yd. cut fill Onsite $1,345 An estimate of the cost of cut-and-fill for the entire site can be made by considering: Cut and Fill Calculations 3 33 cos cos Offsite 411 127 yd. yd. yd. tt cut fill.